Cleric specializing in relics and forgotten languages


Character Sheet: https://app.box.com/s/csw7rfzrh0tc6udg79pr



  • Early in life, I delved in archaeology, selling relics to earn a living. During an ordinary excursion, I happened upon a particularly interesting object which granted me my unique ability. Now I serve as an antiquities collector.

One Unique Thing

  • Upon touching a relic, entombed in a catacombs marked by the Priestess, it disintegrated. Disappointed, I left not knowing it granted me the ability to know the history of any object with strong emotional ties. This ability inspired me to become a collector as I love the stories objects tell. As clerics strive to understand every facet of life, I chose to follow this path in hopes my ability can day others find peace.

Basic notes from the first day. I will work on more detail here.


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